18 December 2009

Dominance War IV: Final Render

In what happened to be one of the most rushed half hours of the final year I posed the creature, created the final render, modelled, sculted and textured the plinth and designed the display sheets. Fond memories. I still haven't gone back to find out what is causing that black blob.

Dominance War IV: Early Render

I wasted a lot of time in the final couple of weeks trying to sort out a simple problem qith normal map generation and UVs (Tip- don't try to use the videogame technique of overlaying UVshells and mirroring normal maps/textures)

1 December 2009

Dominance War IV: Roughed Out


This is the roughed out version of the Cyberdemon,the topolgy is not wuite what I hoped for but at least I has a design (sort of) complete in 3D.

18 November 2009

Dominance War IV: Early Model

Although it's now commonplace for organic models to have topology worked out after initial blocking and sculpting phases, I wanted to do things the old fashioned way and focus on topolgy and form at the same time. This is an early version of the cyber demon model.

15 November 2009

Dominance War IV: Concepts

As part of a modelling module at Staffordshire University we had to complete a model based on the rules of Dom War IV (it was too late for entry at this point). My idea was a demon/mech hybrid- not very imaginative but I wanted to get used to Maya's interface and workflow for hard surface and organic modelling, which had very little experience of.

3 November 2009

Otter Head Sculpt

Sculpt of an otter created from a simple base mesh from 3DSMax. Texturing was done within ZBrush without UVs.

25 October 2009

Head Sculpt Remeshed

A head created in ZBrush which was then remeshed. The topology created is shown on the left, and the right hand image shows a higher res version.

Scary Head

Another Spencer tutorial. I created the paint scheme myself as some extra ZBrush practice.

5 October 2009

ZBrush Character Creation Tutorial

Started using ZBrush for sculpting from a sphere! This is a second attempt at the tut from Scott Spencers book, the first being too horrible to publish.