23 September 2011

Frigate Texture Update

Been hard at work on the Frigate lately, I've unwrapped it and have started texturing. So heres the first pic:

23 March 2011

Halo: Reach Frigate

Rebuilt everything since last year and have gone a lot further with the detail.

6 February 2011

Zen Available to Buy!

I've recently completed a Creative Zen multimedia player, its now avaialble on Turbosquid and The 3D Studio for anyone to download and use in personal work.

Its fully textured (apart from the tiny metal and plastic contacts on the USB and headphone socket) and includes 7 textures and the shaders seen below.

It comes as a Maya 2011 scene file and includes .obj and Autodesk .fbx versions for those of you using 3ds Max or other programs.