15 September 2012

28 August 2012

30 June 2012

Frigate debuts in Red vs Blue

The Frigate model has been finished finally! You can enjoy watching it being awesome as it makes its appearance in Season 10 of  Rooster Teeth's awesome series Red vs Blue as the "The Mother of Invention". As a note, I only modeled and textured the Frigate's exterior- not the interior seen in some shots!

Episode 2

Episode 4

Episode 5

5 March 2012

Halo 3 Frigate Now Available

 I've finally got round to uploading an early WIP version of the Frigate model to The3DStudio, its free to download and comes in .obj format.

A better version will (seriously) be available this summer.

10 January 2012

Halloween Crab

A Halloween Crab, fully rigged and skinned in Maya 2012. Will animate at some point!

Frigate Updates

These images are several weeks old now, but around October I finished the majority of textures for the Frigate (see comparison with the original Frigate below) and have built a low detail Halcyon Cruiser (Pillar of Autumn from "Reach")